About Hov Pod - We Are about Innovation

From the moment we build our first Hov Pod 16 years ago we have not stopped looking for ways to innovate.  As most of our competitors continued to build their hovercraft out of fiberglass, seven years ago we spent over a million dollars in research and development and created the first high density polyethylene (HDPE) hull.  In 2015 we spent another million dollars and built the first ever truck size medium duty hovercraft out of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar.  Both hulls carry a 5 year warranty.

Over the years our clients have place different kinds of instruments (Payloads) on our hovercraft, including sensors, cameras, sonar and echo sounders. Hov Pod have been used for UXO, marine, pipeline surveys as well as law enforcement and rescue operations.  Together we have pushed the limits of our capabilities and launched operations in some of the most remote areas of the world, but that is not enough for us.

Hov Pod Innovation

About Hov Pod - The Future

In 2016 we began to experiment with integrated drone operations as there are many synergies between UAV and Hovercraft applications, we researched the many ways our products overlap and the ways they can enhance each other's operations. We are in prototype phase for an autonomous hovercraft which is nearly ready for market, the Hov Pod (USV).  

Now we have our own drone platform, a robotic drone battery recharge and swap, developed tethered drone solutions, acquired a disaster preparedness communications system, partnered with a bystander medical rescue system and a unique water filtration manufacturer.  We have hired experts in rescue planning, military, law enforcement and patrol operations. In 2017 we've integrated Hov Pod with these new technologies, created unique solutions and launched POD Ops (Perimeter Observation and Disaster Operations).

About Hov Pod, The future of Hov Pod hovercraft is limited only by your imagination.



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